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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Radiation Did Not Get Off To A Good Start

TJ's radiation appointment was at 7:00 pm tonight and he spent the next hour after we got home vomiting. It is just horrible how he is feeling and it breaks my heart to see him in such a sad state. We are going to talk to the radiation oncologist tomorrow about the extreme pain and nausea. TJ is very quickly approaching throwing in the towel and even though it breaks my heart to think of losing him so soon I understand and respect whatever his decision is. His quality of life is down to zilch and he is in so much pain and now vomiting to boot, this is no kind of life for a human right now; no one should have to suffer the way he is now. Tomorrow his radiation appointment is at 5:10 am and it will be after that we speak to the doctor.

I am only working 4 hours a day so I can get home to take care of TJ but even 4 hours at work seems like an eternity. On one hand it does me good to get away and have my mind on something else but on the other hand TJ is constantly on my mind.

I will update again tomorrow after we talk with the radiation oncologist.


  1. Sandy, how I wish there was some way to help you help TJ. If positive thoughts help, there are many coming your way right now. I so admire your bravery.

  2. I am praying for both of you through this very tough time.

  3. Sandy;

    Just breaks my heart I have always respected both you and TJ so much.

    I just think about you always and pray for the best.

  4. Sandy,

    I feel so bad for TJ I can not image what he is going through.. Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you guys.

  5. Sandy you are in my thoughts and prayers... I had a chronically ill daughter, and from birth to her mid teens felt the weight of the

  6. Sandy, after reading that you were thinking of renting a motorhome and going to New Mexico, I thought I'd send you this link:
    This could be a really cool mini vacation for you guys and a pretty spectacular one at that! And the timing is perfect!

  7. Sandy,

    I hope you and TJ are surviving all of this, and I hope your decisions bring you peace. Just know there are MANY people out here pulling for you and TJ.

  8. I'm so sorry TJ is going through this.
    I'm sure you get advice from the four corners of the earth, but you might try hypnotism as a way of lessening the discomfort and nausea associated with cancer therapy. It really does work for many people.
    My thoughts are with you.

  9. I am so sorry about TJ, you are a brave and wonderful wife for him. I often wonder about our medical practices that take away quality of life without giving us back health and healing.... they always recommned more, and more treatment. often is not the most humane way to handle illness. I keep you in my thoughts.

  10. You and TJ are in my prayers. Barry had an anti-nausea drug that dissolved on his tongue. He had to time when he took the medicine so it was effective at stopping the nausea. Cancer is a world of very brave decision making. My blessings to both of you.
    Barry's wife.

  11. so sorry for what you are going through. healing thoughts for both of you.

  12. Radiation is so very tough. My heart goes out to you both!


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