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Monday, May 24, 2010

New House Pictures

I really put some time in this weekend thinking about what I could do a post on and came up with nothing. That is, until I remembered that I have yet to post pictures of the house I bought. It was a repo and I got it really cheap so it is nothing spectacular but it is good enough for me and my animals and frankly at this point in my life that is all that matters. I tore out all the flooring and my girlfriend, Dana, did stained concrete floors for me. I love them and they are so easy to keep clean. You can check out her website here. The pictures were taken by my cousins when they came out for 4 days at the end of March. We had not seen or even spoken for over 20 years but had a fantastic time. I still have a ton of work to do on the house but my theory is that it will get done when it gets worries. Like I have said, some things just aren't as important to me as they used to be. When I have opportunities to be with friends or family all work stops on the house until I have time to get back to it. I guess since I have a pool not much will get done this summer but I will pick back up again this winter.

The picture below is of my little "memorial" to TJ in the entry area. The hat is the one he was wearing the night I met him (December 15, 1994), the rattlesnake skin is one we killed in the back yard at the other house and he skinned, the metal piece is our brand that he welded for us and was on the top of a light post in the arena at the other house, and of course, one of my favorite pictures of him.....Damn he was a good looking guy!!!!

My cousin, Leslie, probably be won't be too happy about this picture being on the blog but it was the only picture of the kitchen (notice that I still need to install my hardware).

As a last note....Dobie, the little chihuahua, has been really sick for the past week. Everything he eats goes straight through him (really glad to have concrete floors right now!!!) and he has lost about 2 pounds. When you only weigh 7 pounds that is quite a bit to lose. Today he seems just a little bit better so I am going to give it a couple more days and then I might take him to the vet. Keep your fingers crossed for him!!


  1. I love the photos of your house.

    The dogs look wonderful, although I'm sorry to hear Dobie isn't well. Hope he picks up soon.

    With a pool like that I don't think I'd get much done in summer either. :)

    And your floors look terrific! I'm sure in time you will have everything exactly as you like it.

    And I think you have your priorities well sorted!

  2. The house is beautiful.. Enjoy it. I know you will love the pool. We miss ours so much.

    You know, we were driving yesterday with the kids, and a big red crane drove by going the other direction. Joe and I looked at each other and Matt began to talk about TJ and how much he misses living next door. He and Rebecca then started talking about when TJ was swinging them around the back yard with the crane. I wasn't sure if I should tell you, I don't want to upset you, but these are good memories and remembering them helps us heal.. Joe says there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't think about him..

    You were both wonderful neighbors. All of us miss you both.

  3. I love the new house and those floors are amazing. Your tribute to TJ is wonderful and although I couldn't zoom in on the photo of him, he does look quite good on that tractor.

    I wish I could float around on a raft in your pool, but hey, I'll be thinking about you this summer enjoying that clear blue water.

    I checked out your friend's website and looked at all of the flooring and I have decided to do concrete floors in my house now. My husband and I have been debating for over a year on what to do with our floors. He wants tile, I want wood. Concrete seems like the perfect compromise.

    Congrats. It sounds like you have a lot of work and a lot of fun ahead of you.

  4. The house is breathtaking! Your site is a wonderful tribute to TJ. We had tweeted a while back and I didn't realize that he had passed. I'm terribly sorry for your loss.

  5. Your new home looks lovely...I've seen some concrete floors and find them interesting.

    The Pool! I love the pool!

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. God bless ya!


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