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Friday, February 25, 2011

I Am Beginning A New Blog

I am very pleased to announce that I have begun blogging at

When TJ was first diagnosed I immediately turned to the internet for information and support.  I had no idea of the support available on the web.  When a new side effect of the chemo would pop up TJ would immediately tell me to get online and find out what we should do.  He saw the support I had from my online friends and I read him all the well wishes they sent to him through me.  We often talked that when he got better we would share what we have learned with others on the internet.
When he died I knew that our plan to share our experiences must continue.  It took a while for me to "get my poop in a group" and begin working towards the goal of helping others from my experiences, but it was always on my mind.  I continued intermittently blogging about my feelings and experiences here and reading some of the emails I have received I know that it was helping some who would stumble across my blog.
In my blog on Facing Cancer I will cover in detail TJ's treatment.  I will talk about some things that I have never told anyone and I am starting from the very beginning of his diagnosis.
I know many of you have been readers from the beginning, but I would like to invite you to read my new blog in addition to this one.  I will still be blogging here about my present feelings and experiences.
A big thank you to all of you for your support!


  1. I will definitely follow that blog too. I had breast cancer in 1999, but because the tumor was found early and my age, 59 at the time, I did not need chemo. However, I had an extra week of radiation because the margins were not clean, so seven weeks of radiation and then five years on Tamoxifin. During those five years, I gained over 20 lbs, had constant headaches, upset stomach, hot flashes and on and on. But I always felt my cancer was easy compared to so many people's and I don't talk about it much. But maybe I have something I could share in my comments on your new blog.--Inger

  2. This is a huge undertaking and a great benefit to people out there who need support. More and more I'm impressed with how cool the internet can be. I'm really glad I know you're doing this.


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