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Thursday, June 14, 2012

7 Things About Me

I am not a fan of the whole blog award thingy, but this one was given to me by someone near and dear to me. A big thank you to JarieLyn over at Dance With Words, but it was through her other blog, Write Place! Write Chick! that we became friends. I met JarieLyn shortly after I began blogging, which was just as TJ received his terminal cancer diagnosis, and we have been bloggy friends every since. Over the years she has encouraged me with her comments and friendship. Thanks again JarieLyn!

So, of course, there are conditions placed on the receipt of this award; I have to tell you 7 things about myself. Well, turns out that isn't so easy for me. In a random email I was sending to a friend I mentioned this and said friend promptly emailed me back a list of 7 things about me. So, I have decided to use what my friend said about me, but include my responses.

You have a loving heart for distressed creatures.
              This is true! You can read about the dove I rescued HERE.

You have an exceptional taste in wine. But not snooty.
               Oh, I can be a wine snob, I am just too cheap to be

You have a cool truck. That you love.
               Yes! "The Beast" kicks butt and will out tow just about anybody! I used to have another kick butt truck but was hit by a red light runner, rolled & totaled my truck. You can see the pictures of the wrecked truck HERE.

You are a great interior decorator.
               This is just not true & I have no idea where this came from!

You have fantastic friends and do girls night.
                I do have rockin' friends and I do a girls dinner every Wednesday, plus we do girls pool day every Saturday in the summer....I am blessed

You have a great sense of adventure.
       depends on what it is
You have great faith and are willing to take blind steps because of your faith.
                I only recently learned this, but yes, true!

Now, I will pass this on to a few of my favorite bloggers.

Terri over at Terri Sonoda mostly because she likes to talk about herself as much as I do and she is hilarious!    Love ya T!

Kim over at My Inner Chick  Kim lost her sister, Kaye, to domestic violence and has now dedicated her life to bringing awareness to domestic abuse. I love you Kim!


  1. i loved this - the way your friend gave you the 7 things and then you 'tweaked' them a tad. great post! and congrats!

  2. Ooooo, Sandy,
    I love your spirit & I love you. I love that you inspire me... Wish I could be part of your girl's night out! <3

  3. Oh come now, I'd have to agree that you do have interior decorating talent!

  4. Thanks a lot Sandy. Really. No, seriously. What? I get to talk about myself? Freaking awesome. I'm stoked. hehe

  5. I already adore Terri. I will have to go check out Kim. I lost my sister two years ago. We may have some common ground. Congrats on your award!

  6. Your spirit is so strong. I love this post and your friend's help with the seven things about you.

  7. yay, congrats, sandy!

    gosh, i loved this! great post indeed!

    hopr you're having a wonderfyl weekend.



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