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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yard Work

Now, after almost 3 years, I am finally going to do something with my landscaping. I have put it off because I was working on the inside of the house getting it fixed up. Also, landscaping is rather overwhelming to me. I may not have been working on it while living here but it has always been on my mind.  I finally have a plan and yes, that plan includes a small horse set up! I have designed my yard and horse set up over and over in my head. I have walked my yard with several people getting their input on what I should do. I may not know the details yet but I can at least get started on it and I am sure everything will fall into place as I go.

My first order of business was to dispose of this. Do you know what it is? It is aloe vera.....a whole darn circle of it! Not only do I have this circle of aloe but there are 21 others just like it on my property. Yes, I counted. Who needs that much aloe I ask you. My plan was to put it in my trash dumpster to be hauled away. Well, that was plan A at least. The one I dug up today filled my dumpster to the brim and at that rate it will take me 11 weeks to get rid of all that darn aloe. Plan B may include my pick up truck and a trip (or 2) to the dump.

After the aloe is gone I will be chopping down every single one of these on my property. All that white fuzzy stuff blows everywhere (read as: it blows in my pool) and creates a huge mess. The lay name for these plants is, broom plants. The settlers would cut them before blooming and since they are somewhat stiff would use them as brooms to sweep out their cabins. Personally, I think they just cut them before blooming so as to not have to deal with the fuzzies.

These 2 saguaros are out of here to make room for my horse set up. I am currently contacting landscapers to see how much they are going to fetch me. Saguaros are protected in Arizona and can't be moved without a permit. New construction homeowners pay big bucks for saguaros to be placed in their yards so landscapers will actually pay you for the privilege of moving your saguaro.

Time to dig up more aloe. Anybody want some?


  1. oh, glad those saguaros will be saved and transplanted elsewhere! too precious to be destroyed! the aloe truckfuls are something, though. landscaping, no matter what the soil conditions, is hard work. good luck in your plans!!!

  2. Oh I love those saguaros! They are gorgeous.

    That's A LOT of aloe!

  3. wouldn't the aloe plants sell as well? I know it's a big ticket item in health food stores...juice, gel, etc.

  4. I was going to say the same thing as Sandra -- we pay a hefty price for aloe around here, but I suppose that's not the case where you live.

    The cactus plants are wonderful -- I hope you get a good price for them. :)

  5. Wow we don't have any of that on my lawn, very cool. I do have a basement full of pots of aloe vera though. They do not like the cold last winter i forgot some outside, that is the way to get rid of them, whoops.

  6. Your broom bush looks just like our Gray Rabbit Brush bush. I have just cut back a ton of them from my field. Of course, it is best to do it before it goes to seed, but I figured, better late than never. They are taking over everything around here and I can't do much about it other than take care of the spaces I care about. The Indians used to make tea from this bush, and they would also make excellent brooms or brushes, hence their name. Where the Gray Rabbit part came from I have no idea. Probably more you ever wanted to know about this bush.

  7. Wow Sandy, this sounds like a lot of work. Love the pictures! If I didn't live in an apartment, I would want those saguaros! Anywho, looking forward to seeing your landscape visions come true!


  8. omgosh, those saguaros!

    It's like a Clint Eastwood movie!

    Xx How are you?

  9. No thank you on the aloe, or the broom plants. But how cool is that that sokmeone will pay you to move the saguaros! They ARE fantastic, but a horse set up is much better. Congrats on moving forward on this!

  10. Hi, That's cute...
    I am having physiotherapy because I have tendinitis in my right shoulder. I can hardly write, either with pen or computer. To get dressed, drive, or comb is hell. At school I have to write on the black board under terrible pain in the shoulder and arm. So I have been away from the blogosphere, my friend. I have seen your comments which I am very grateful and I appreciate.
    I wish for you a very blessed happy Christmas.

  11. Hi there.....just wanted to stop in and wish you a Merry oh have enough there my friend to treat EVERY sunburn on the planet!! LOL LOL

    You have a lovely spot and I am sure you will make it yours once you get started on your landscape project.


  12. Oh man, how many of those desert brooms have I pulled as they showed up in our yard? Bizzillions! The roots are impossibly deep, so I sure didn't want them to get any kind of a start. I wonder if you could sell the Aloe?
    I look forward to seeing your progress!


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