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Thursday, April 4, 2013

It Is A Jungle Out There!

While all of you in cold parts of the country/world are anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring or maybe already showing pictures of flowers beginning to bloom I am in Arizona loathing the arrival of spring. With the exception of experiencing the joy of knowing that summer is just around the corner I would like to just skip the springtime.

I live in the desert. Only very hearty plants can survive the extreme temperatures of the desert. We often reach 120 F in the summer and have hard freezes in the winter. But weeds....weeds are hearty enough to survive it all and appear year after year every spring. This year is especially bad as we had quite a bit of late winter rain. I know if I just wait a few months they will die and blow away but right now....IT IS A JUNGLE OUT THERE! When Tater goes outside I lose track of him because the weeds are so high.

 Unbelievable! I have never seen it this bad. It looks like I have grass for good grief.

So I came up with a temporary fix until it heats up. I borrowed an electric weed eater from my girlfriend and went after them. I don't know why short weeds are more acceptable but for some reason it is less offensive to me. I just want my nice, brown, gravel yard back

In celebration of Tater being with me for 2 years I decided to see if he could behave (not chew anything up) out of his crate while I was at work all day. He did wonderful! So I packed up his crate and stored it away in the garage. The best part is I get to see his happy face watching for me out the window when I get home. It makes me smile no matter what kind of a day I had.

Parvo Update: Both dogs are back to their original health! I also wanted to let everyone know that yes, my dogs were vaccinated. It hit Mickey hard because of her elderly age. Tater wasn't hit hard because of his youth. So all dogs are susceptible even though vaccinated. Like one of my readers said: "A reminder for all of us with a tendency to want to bring home strays."


  1. So glad your dogs are better. That's crazy sbout the weeds.

  2. I'm so glad your dogs are well again. I thought the vaccine would help. Your Mickey must be tough like our Soldier, who just soldiers on, pain or not. You have to admire them. Out weeds haven't quite woken up yet, but like yours, they will be all over the place in no time. I for one am not looking forward to summer. But then I'm an old Swede.

  3. Good fix weed whacking the weeds! Now it really DOES look like grass and hopefully they won't go to seed as easily. It seems that every year there is a different kind of weed that is prevalent.
    I'm glad the dogs are both doing well now! :)

  4. If we didn't have weeds, we'd likely have no lawn. :) Glad the kids are okay, Sandy. What a relief. xo

  5. i am so glad to hear that your dogs are well, sandy.
    your yard with those short weeds looks just lovely!



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