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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Life Gets In The Way

Sometimes life just gets in the way of things. In my case it got in the way of my blogging. I have missed reading blogs and obviously I haven't written any in over a month. So, here is what has been happening over the last month.
  • My brother and his wife visited for a week in the beginning of November.  They, along with my sister and I drove to Tucson to spread my Mom's ashes (she passed July 28, 2010).  Mom always had a fascination with the Saguaro cactus we have in Arizona and years ago requested that her ashes be spread in the Saguaro National Park.
My brother Mark, my sister Alberta and my sister in-law Sandra

We spread Mom's ashes at the base of these two cacti

  • Just like last year I hosted Thanksgiving at my house for my friends.  We had a wonderful day and as usual the food was fantastic.
  • Through all this I have been working on the house again....finally. I have painted some walls and am in the process of refinishing my first piece of furniture. I plan to post some house pictures at a later date.
  • I have always been one of those people who put up their Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend.  I primarily do it that weekend because it is a long weekend and I have the time.  On Saturday after Thanksgiving I began getting my Christmas stuff out of the storage shed.  I have a HUGE artificial Christmas tree and as I was dragging it toward the house I slipped and fell. I caught myself stiff armed and I felt the pain shoot through my arm.  I thought I had just over extended my elbow and it made the rest of the day fairly painful to put up the holiday decorations. On Monday I found out I had a hairline wonder it hurt so darn bad! I chose not to have it cast and I am just being careful while it heals. As of today it has been over a week and it is still slightly swollen, I have limited mobility in my elbow and the pain keeps me awake at night.  It is getting better though.
  • I have a huge owl living in my yard. While he is a wonderful sight to see. I am concerned for Tater Tot. I think he just might be small enough that the owl is watching him as a potential meal. I now make sure I am outside at all times with Tater Tot. I caught this photo of him a couple of weeks ago. Please click on it to enlarge so you can better see him,
Watch out Tater! You are being watched!

And lastly, just to give you a smile, I want to share a very odd picture my sister took of Tater Tot while she was staying with me.  I know it is just the angle of the photo but when I see it I have to laugh and I hope you all get a chuckle out of it also!


  1. Such a great post! Definately worth the wait :-) I love AZ. My mom lives there & we are visiting her next month.

  2. Hi Sandy!
    Glad to see you posting again. I keep you on my blogroll and check pretty often to see if you've offered up something new. YEAH here it was! The owl is amazing, but Tater Tot is just too dang cute.
    So sorry about your arm. I hope it's much better soon. Thank you so much for sharing. Love your posts!

  3. so glad to hear from you again. me, too, sorry about your arm. the owl is magnificent. and Tater Tot is precious.

    i've been to Saguaro National Park. beautiful place. i'm sure it was very meaningful to be there spreading your mother's ashes.

    i keep you in my thoughts. i wish you peace.

  4. Sandy,

    This what it's supposed to be like! This is YOUR life with all of its ups and downs and decorations and OWLS (cool!!).
    Hope your arm is better.
    Love the pictures. Makes you more real to me, and that makes the stories just that much better.

    Your friend,


  5. What a cool owl pic! I'm so sorry about your elbow - ouch! We do our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving too!

  6. I understand how hard it is to keep with blogging. I burned out this summer and took a long break. It's good to see you back. Tater Tot is adorable - such a cute photo.

  7. --Dearest Sandy,
    the owl is majestic and magical. WOW.

    And Tator Tot is an ANGEL.

    XX Thinking of you, dear. X

  8. Sounds like you've been very busy - hope your arm is all healed now.


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