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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Oido

Back on December 19 a little stray chihuahua mix showed up in the parking lot of the complex I work in. He was very skinny and appeared to be fearful of just about everyone and everything. Because of my love for dogs and just about any other animal I picked up a bag of dog food while running errands that day. Come to find out, not only was I feeding him, but just about everyone in the complex was. I called him Oido.

Over the past 5 weeks Oido and I became very good friends. He was still very skittish and would not let me touch him but he spent all day by my office door.

Whenever I would walk anywhere in the complex he would follow me right on my heels.  At the end of the day he would follow me to my truck and as I was leaving I would see him running behind my truck. It was heartbreaking.

Last week he was beginning to show some happiness when he saw me arrive in the morning.  He would run around in circles, wagging his tail and yipping. I really felt like I was making progress with him. I had multiple homes lined up for him once I was able to socialize him. He could not take that leap of faith and actually come in my office, but he got close!

Today would have marked the beginning of week 6 with Oido. I waited and waited for him to show up for his breakfast but no Oido. As the day progressed I got very sad thinking about what could have happened to him.

Hopefully he will show up tomorrow.....


  1. Oh my heart breaks reading this story. That poor little fella. I hope he is okay. Thank goodness you were there the past five weeks for him. I hope he finds his way back to you.

  2. This broke my heart. He's too small to be out there all alone.

  3. --He will come home.

    Xx He. Will. Come.

    Love Love Love.

  4. OMG, I just saw this. Is he back yet? I am worried about him. :(

  5. PS - saw this in my research at work and thought of you!


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