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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Embracing Impermanence

This past weekend I attended the Arizona Sun Circuit Horse Show and sat through 5 hours of lectures/demonstrations. All were very interesting with the exception of hour 2 and that was when the phrase "embrace impermanence" popped into my head. 

Impermanence is usually something we try to avoid. I prefer things structured and dependable. I like the security of knowing what is going to happen on a daily basis. Because of fear we try to hold onto whatever makes us happy. We hold on because we don't want to feel the alternative. But the reality is that nothing lasts forever.  It is because of impermanence that not only do the painful times pass but the joyous times as well.  Change is inevitable and we must learn to expect and accept the changes in life. It is when we resist change that we suffer the greatest.

The next time you find yourself in a joyful moment remember impermanence. The next time you find yourself sad or depressed, also remember impermanence. It is impermanence that allows us to appreciate the moment. Because of impermanence we should try to find the positive in every moment and not dwell on what we have lost. The unknown can be a curse or an adventure. It is up to us to choose.

"When you truly embrace your human impermanence you connect with the power you have, and influence you have, over the time you have." ~ Steve Maraboli


  1. Good points. I often remember that in a few months, everything will be different.

  2. i'm going to come back and read, and re-read this, whenever i feel overwhelmed. thank you for writing this.

  3. I have all my grownup life worked on living in the moment. Before I moved here, to the silence of the mountains, there were too many distractions, too much going on, too little time. It is much easier here, it almost comes naturally. So the question is: How do we live in the moment when we are in the middle of life with all its hustle and bustle, jobs, traffic jams, kids, and all that?

  4. So true. Wonderful thoughts and advice. Now I need to work on following it.

  5. Hmm. I will have to spend some time thinking about that. I'm not too sure that I want to remember impermanence when I'm in the middle of a happy moment!


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