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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things I Have Seen Lately

We are definitely finished with summer. The nights have turned cool and the days have too. The cool nights mean the pool has gotten chilly and I am too much of a cold weenie to even dip my toes in the water now. Guess it is time to begin the countdown until the first day of summer 2013.

A few cell phone photos of what I have seen lately.

 Yeah Tater, I am sad that summer is over too. That is about as close to pool time as you are going to get.
Runt spent last weekend at my house while his Dad was out of town. He & Tater had fun. I enjoyed it too because he looks so much like my Shiner. As a matter of fact I kept calling him Shiner all weekend. Below is a picture of Shiner. I put Shiner down in August of 2011 and I still miss very much

I can home one evening to this outside my front door. Isn't he adorable?! I just love bats so I was thrilled to see him hanging around.

I bought this wine as a gift for a girlfriend. I just love the name!

Turns out Sophie won't be coming to live with me after all. Her original owner decided to keep her. While I miss her, I think Tater is happy to be getting more attention from me.

I saw this personalized plate while sitting at a stop sign. What do you think he does for a living?


  1. the license plate made me laugh. all such cute pups.

  2. Sorry about your dog that is hard I miss mine too.
    That license tag is pretty self explanatory. :) B

  3. He sure does look like Shiner.

    I love bats too!!!

    I hope you're starting to have an easier time Sandy ((((hugs)))

  4. Hi Sandy.......glad summer is finally coming to a close for us. Sorry you wo'n't be getting a Miss Sophie...she is a pretty little thing. your is so hard to e-mail back while on the road. Will be back in AZ mid October will get in touch them...if that is ok with you.

    Stay well,


  5. I love the dog pix...andthe bat! Wow! We get them at the hummer feeder, but haven't seen one sticking around. Hope you are doing okay!
    Hugs. GraceinAZ

  6. Glad you had a visit with Shiner's doppleganger -- but must have been a bit hard on you. Beautiful dog.

    Thanks for the visit Sandy -- always enjoy seeing you. :)

  7. """"Happy Bitch!""" I love!

    your photos of the pups are Fab! I want to cuddle w/ them :))) xx

  8. Very very cute puppy dogs! And I must try me some of that wine!

  9. super cute doggies!

    wonderful photos of the pups, sandy!
    i just want to smooch them!:)

    big hugs!


  10. Oh wow! Thats a crazy vanity plate. I would be super sad about closing up the pool too. I love the cooler weather here but am already missing the ability to swim. The other day was about 60 degrees and the sun was shining. Lil duck says "dontcha suppose its warm enough to swim today? We could go swimming, right?" Even my little waterbug misses it already!


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