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Monday, November 12, 2012

Dog Sitting.....Yes, Again

If you all haven't figured it out by now I love animals. I especially love dogs. I grew up with dogs and have had anywhere from 1 to 5 dogs at any given time in my life. Because of my love of dogs I am always game to dog sit for my friends. Well this past weekend I had the opportunity to do just that. I am pleased to introduce you to Sierra. She belongs to my neighbor and has the sweetest personality.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Labradors as my first dog after college was a black lab named Phantom. He was very special to me. With Mickey getting up in the years and really starting to show her age I have been thinking about what breed my next dog will be. I will not bring a new dog into the house until she is gone and unfortunately I feel like it may be sooner rather than later. For the past 8 years or so I have had mid size to small dogs and have been considering getting another large dog.

This past weekend was the perfect opportunity for me to experience a large dog in the house again. While Sierra was perfect and very well trained, I now know that I am not interested in a dog with a coffee table clearing tail. No, Sierra didn't clear my coffee table with her tail, but I was keeping an eye on it the entire time. After having Heelers and little Tater Tot I am just not interested in a large dog anymore

I would dog sit for Sierra again in a heartbeat and Tater had a blast playing with her. But, when it comes to my next dog I know I want a small to mid sized dog. Most likely I will get another tri-colored Queensland Heeler.

As a side note. It really cooled off in Arizona this weekend. OK, by my standards it was darn cold! Highs in the low 60's and on Sunday morning it was 37 F !!!! Way too cold for this old desert rat. Time to start counting down the days until summer.
It may have not been as cold as this sign showed but it was cold enough for a fire in the ole' fireplace.


  1. i love my big dogs. they let me live here with them. :)

  2. At my high point, I had five dogs, down now to three. A Rhodesian Ridgebak, Jack Russell and a Spaniel Basket Hound (as my little friend says) mix. In the months after Dave died, I had to put down my two oldest and it just about killed me all over again. Those two dogs were the last of the dogs that Dave and I had together; it's always hard to say good-bye but that was especially tough.

  3. ---Your space is delightful...& your pups are Faaabulous. Xxxx

  4. So kind of you to sit a friend's dog.....I agree with you, small dogs ARE easier than large ones.
    BTW.....I LOVE this cold weather. LOL LOL LOL



  5. I haven't owned a dog since my childhood and I always had big dogs like German Shepards. You are a dear for dog sitting. I'm sure you help so many dog lovers.

  6. I have had dogs of all sizes, except tiny ones. Our dogs have come to us or been found by us, so we didn't have a choice in their sizes. I've never had a heeler, but some people ask us if Soldier is a heeler mix. I don't think he is. I'm sorry Mickey is getting that old. Soldier is too and it's hard to watch the decline. I hope you are doing OK after that horrible shock you described in your previous post. Take care.


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