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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Tree Succumbed To The Heavy Rain

Once again I am having tree issues....seriously....can you believe it? I have the weirdest things happen at this house!

Two weeks ago was the hard freeze and while lots of things died my mesquite came out of it in full bloom. Looks beautiful right?

Then last weekend it rained. It rained for 3 days straight! We don't get that too often here.

Now my big beautiful blooming mesquite looks like this!!

Is this not the most bizarre thing you have seen in your life? Growing up in Indiana I saw trees succumb to the weight of ice and/or snow, but water?!

You can see the "bend" in the branches.

This picture really shows how much that rather large branch has bent!

If any of my fellow bloggers have seen such a thing please let me know. I haven't done a thing to the tree yet, but I can't imagine that the branches will dry out and just pop back up. I am not even sure that the tree will survive this to be honest.

Maybe this is a metaphor for my life?

"Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken." ~ Albert Camus


  1. i don't think i've ever seen one do that! we have plenty of mesquites in our woods, but we also get more frequent rains than you do. i'm hoping it straightens back up and hardens up again!

  2. Oooo, that poor tree.

    Sounds like a metaphor for my life, as well. :) Xx

  3. Huh. It does look sad. I hope it'll bounce back!

  4. Oh dear I have never seen one but my trees are bending today with freezing rain that I understand your beautiful tree and rain I do not. B

  5. Can you try shaking some of the branches to get some water off? AZ has had a strange watery winter this year. Weird. Maybe it didn't break, but bent because of all the water it has soaked up. Perhaps some trimming when it dries out will help.

  6. You will pop back up despite having been bent to the point of destruction. :)

    The tree is crazy! I've never seen something do that (well, aside from the house plants I tend to water too much and kill).

  7. it is indeed very bizarre. i don't think i've never seen anything like that.

  8. whoa...that is amazing! I've never seen a tree with too much water. Do you use mesquite branches on your grill? Dave and I used to collect small branches and grill when we lived in HI.


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