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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Played Tour Guide

I used to play tour guide all the time when I first moved to the Valley of the Sun as family and friends came out to visit. I have lived here long enough now that most of my friends are here and my family has seen and done most of the tourist stuff.

But 2 weekends ago I had a friend whom I had met on twitter come to visit for a long weekend. Brenda is a fellow widow and over the past few years we have become good friends through twitter. When she first approached me about coming for a visit I was very excited and then when plans were finalized I could hardly wait. Another fellow widow and twitter friend was planning on coming too but ended up having gall bladder surgery 3 days before leaving and couldn't make it.

Brenda and I had a fantastic time and got along wonderfully! Since we were basically in my backyard I chose not to take my camera with me so Brenda graciously sent me some of the photos she took while she was here.

Saturday afternoon we met my friends Sam & Dan (brothers) at a local watering hole with great views of the Superstition Mountains. We had a few beers and Brenda was able to enjoy our nice mid 70's F temperatures.

Brenda has a goal of visiting all the National Parks so I had to take her to Saguaro National park. I saw this sign outside the visitor's center and just loved it. As most of you know, I am a big fan of the desert so this quote really speaks to me.

This is a view during our hike in the Saguaro National Park. Desert yes, but I find it beautiful!

I finally got Brenda to set down and relax. I haven't hiked in about 20 years and she about killed me! Not to mention the fact that she is under 30 and I am pushing 50.

We crammed as much sight seeing as we could into 4 days and I think Brenda left with just a little more appreciation for the desert than she came with.


  1. that's awesome! not only that you two were able to meet up and spend time together, but that you were able to share the place you love, too. :)

  2. How fun for you! So many people don't have a clue about how beautiful the desert can be, and unless they see it for themselves, they won't.
    So glad you had a good time, too!

  3. I wish I appreciated the desert as much as you do. Arizona Desert is a little prettier than the Nevada Desert, but for me, I just don't find it inspiring. I met a fellow blogger a couple of years ago. She came to Las Vegas and I played tour guide. She also fell in love with the desert. She was from Michigan. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Love these pics! I need to come visit you too ;-)

  5. Oh that is fantastic to meet someone you have found via twitter and share your beautiful world with her. Lucky for both of you. I would love that myself and I am almost 60 so I would slow you down maybe:) Way to have a nice trip Brenda. Hug B

  6. So neat that Brenda was able to come and visit -- food for the soul. And those brothers look to be a hoot. :)

  7. OoooOOO, Fabulous.

    I love that you girls met and acually enjoyed one another!!!

    WOW. Xxx

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog today Sandy! How fun that you got to meet up with Brenda! I too find the desert beautiful; although, our high desert here is a bit different than where you are.
    That is bizarre about your mesquite tree, I've never seen anything like it! I hope it recovers. We lost a Shoestring Acacia in the 2011 freeze and it was just coming back before this last cold spell. We'll see in a week or so if it made it, I hope so.
    If you ever come down this way to visit your property, drop me a line. We are less than 5 minutes off of I-10 and I'd love to meet you! :)

  9. This seems so enjoyable! I liked these pictures very much.


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