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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Addition To The Family!

First of all, I know I have once again been MIA. But this time I was S I C K. Holy cow did I get knocked down by a cold! Going to work and caring for my critters was about all I could handle for a couple of weeks.  The good news is that I am back up and running again.

I have been thinking for a while about getting another pup. Mickey is at the end of her life and Tater...well he is just tiny and I want a larger dog. Yesterday Sam emailed me a Craigs List ad featuring this little girl.

 How could you not love that face?!
 I believe she is part Heeler and part Pit. The people that put her on Craigs List had found her as a stray and were just trying to find her a good home.
Sam drove to North Phoenix when he got off work to pick her up and delivered her to me (I live way east of Phoenix). She is really skinny but that won't be a problem to fix around here!
Now she has a forever home and Tater Tot has a new sister to play with. He is being a bit bossy with her right now but I am sure that will stop as she continues to out grow him.
I don't have a name for her yet so if you have any unique ideas please let me know in the comments. Her personality is very quiet and mellow and she is quite the lady so I want something to match that.


  1. Well she is beautiful. How about Gracie as in full of Grace and beauty. B

  2. She is beautiful, long legs. I like the name, Grace or Gracie, also.

  3. Oh, I love her! What a sweet face! Take your time with her name, she'll probably tell you. Can't wait to see more pics as she becomes even more comfy around you all!

  4. Oh she definitely is beautiful. She's lucky she found you as a roommate :) I'm sure you'll think of a good name eventually.

  5. Aw, she is beautiful and what a sweet face! I'm glad you "found" each other!! :)
    We took a road trip through the Sulphur Springs Valley Sunday, drove from Tombstone to Bowie by way of Davis Road and 191. What a pretty drive!

  6. Hi Sandy! Congrats on the new addition! She's a cutie pie!

  7. she is so cute! I love her speckles and spots. I'd probably name her Speck. Hee hee. Isn't that the name of PeeWee's little dog in PeeWee's Big Adventure?

  8. happy easter, my dearest!


    your pup is so adorable btw.


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