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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sad News

It appears to me that one of the baby Doves is not developing proplerly.  My first instinct is to scoop him up, bring him into my home and try to raise him.  However, I know this is not feasible or wise.  I am also a believer in letting nature take its course.  I have to assume there is something wrong with him and nature is weeding out the weak.  It is sad to see him so small and unfeathered compared to his sibling.


  1. That would be so hard to watch. Take care, Inger

  2. I agree with you about letting nature take its course. But it is hard to not interfere, isn't it? Poor wee mite.

  3. Very sad for sure. Nature has its own way, but it sure is hard to understand.

  4. It may not be anything major. My twins are totally different sizes - one weighs 4 lbs. more than the other - and my doctor says it's just genetics. They are just each their own. I hope little bird makes it :-)

  5. Prayers for the little birdy. You are such a tender heart, my sweet friend.

  6. I just wanted to thank you for following me on my A to Z challenge and for your nice comments.--Inger


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