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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking Things For Granted

Every morning when I wake, I put together a mental list of things I am grateful for.  I will admit that some days it is very difficult to come up with even one thing I am grateful for.  Those are the days that I have to ask myself, "is it really that bad Sandy?" My answer is usually, "No, not really, but it will be if you don't get your ass in gear and get to work!"  Probably not what you expected, but it is really what I say to myself sometimes on those days.  So, while I may not come up with something to be grateful for at the moment I am trying to, I do eventually think of something.

I find that on a daily basis we all tend to take so many things for granted.  We let grief, work problems, relationship problems, or money problems overshadow all the good things in our lives.  We focus too much on our daily to do list and anticipating problems we might encounter during our day.  Seriously, who wakes up in the morning and thinks about all the things that could possibly go right during the day?  I know I don't, and I suspect most of you reading this don't either.  If you do, then please let me know as I would love for some of that positive mojo to rub off on me!

Some of the little things we take for granted might be: you can get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other (many can't), you have a job (many don't right now), you have a reliable vehicle to get you to your job or maybe you live close to a bus line, the sun is shining, your computer is working and there is not an IT guy on his way to your home, your spouse / significant other / family / friends are healthy (this is a huge one in my book!).  I could go on and on and I am sure you all could add many things to the list.

I think the most important thing to be grateful for is:  There is somebody, somewhere, that loves you and is there to support you no matter what the day ahead brings.  So, pick up the phone or send a card or email them or text them or Facebook them or tweet them and let them know that they are one of the special people in your life.

There are a lot of things that go right on a day to day basis.  Try to focus on those things instead of what might go wrong and maybe we will all begin to have better days and have an attitude of gratitude.

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.  ~ Cynthia Ozick


  1. When I was really struggling w/ postpartum depression after the twins (really common after twins because of the extra hormones) I found something that REALLY helped. Each night, before I went to bed, I would write in a journal three good things that happened that day. Sometimes on a really bad day it might be something so simple like "ate blueberries" or whatever. But it made me focus on the positive and I would wake up the next day in a better mood, because I went to sleep thinking about good things.

  2. I agree with Lisa, it is good to keep a gratitude journal. I don't any longer, but I used to. After my cancer, I got in the habit to include a thank you for each new day with my morning prayers and meditation. I notice if I forget and get busy with other things, my day does not go as well as when I wake up grateful. Thanks for this thoughtful post.--Inger

  3. Gosh, Sandy, I wish I was capable of such coherent thoughts first thing in the morning. Lately I have been grateful that i've been able to get out of bed without pain but after that, until I am on my way to work, my thoughts are extremely mundane. But once on my way I appreciate my world, particularly having little children waiting for the school bus wave to me.
    I would never make an inspirational blogger!

  4. i've always tried to never take anything for granted. in the quiet of the night before trying for sleep, i think about what i do have. i have to admit it is countered by the silence from the other side of the bed, the empty side. so much i wish i could talk to him about. your post has reminded me that i do need to be more grateful for the things i do still have. i wish you peace.

  5. So as soon as I read this, I thought of my little sister in Georgia, and how I need to talk to her and touch base. You brought up so many good points, Sandy. Even some of us that have some of those problems, still have a heck of a lot to be grateful. I know I do.
    Really nice post!

  6. I love your grateful posts on Twitter.
    You are awesome.

  7. This is such a wonderful post, and an important thing to remember. When we are caught up in grief, it is hard to see past the pain and focus on what we have: life and all of the beautiful things still in it. Thank you, for reminding me of that, here in your journal and on Twitter. <3


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