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I welcome you to follow along as I adjust to my "new normal".

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Senseless Snapshots

I got this shot with my cell!
It still amazes me what we can do with our cells these days.
My Dad taught me photography with a 35mm.
Now everything is digital and "touched up".

  I frequently go through this stoplight during my work day.
It is on the Reservation.
I giggle every time it turns green.

 I spotted these in the grocery store last week.
If they are left over from last Christmas that is gross!
If they are for this coming Christmas then I am appalled!

 We finally hit 100 degrees!
I am a summer aficionado & so are my dogs.
They are waiting on my arrival so we can all spend some time in the sun.

Tater Tot loves the waterfall!
If you look carefully you will see the dove he is having a stand off with.
Tater won.....

I finally broke down and bought the most talked about book as of late.
I am fairly hard to please when it comes to erotic fiction so we will see how it stacks up.

Tater Tot ~ Still a Puppy at Heart
Just because he is so darn cute!
(turn your sound on for this one)

Thanks for visiting and I am off to read my new book. I will let you know my opinion...for what it is worth.


  1. your snarfling pup is too cute. the 'pick one / any one' light is kind funny. and what a great rope shot in the first!

  2. Love the stoplight picture and the video of Tater Tot. He's soooo cute! I haven't read that book yet, so I will be looking forward to your book report. Of course, I want to read it. Sounds compelling. Have a great evening and thanks for asking about me earlier. I really appreciate that.

  3. That stoplight is confusing. Hmmmm which way shall I proceed? It reminds me of Tijauna with traffic going every which direction.

    Tater tot is a cutie for sure. He is having the time of his life in that video.

    Oh, and summer is my favorite season too. Love, love, love the hot weather, especially at night.

  4. I've never seen traffic lights like that (I'd have to travel about 3 hours before I came to a three lane road) - I think they would confuse me no end. Tater Tot sure has a deep voice for a little dog or is just learning how to sound fierce?

  5. Pretty sure I couldn't get a pic like that 1st one with my cell phone! Very cool!

  6. I love this post and I will steal your idea of posting random photos once the A to Z challenge is over. One more week left of that and I am getting tired. Will you let us know how you like the book?

  7. I like walking a day in the life of Sandy, and seeing Tater in action. Nice post :)

  8. Ohhh, I loved all of these photos and the video of Tatar Tot <3

    I looooooooooooved it! thank you, Sandy Xxxx

    let me know what you think of 50 Shades!


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