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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fireplace Transformation & A Monkey

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that after TJ died I had to move and for some crazy reason I decided to buy a house that had been a meth lab, was repossessed and empty for a while. It needed a lot of work and I thought it would give me something to take my mind off everything I had just gone through. I am fairly handy so I thought I could do most of the work myself. It is still a work in progress but I thought I would share a few before and after pictures.
(click on pictures to enlarge)
 This was the fireplace when I moved in. I don't like Indian stuff so I hated it. Not to mention the carpet that was white at one time.
A close of up the freaky Indian guy. I could not handle him staring at me all the time!
So we did this to it. No more Indian guy! By WE, I mean my very, very good friend who happened to be unemployed at the time. I flew Bob to Arizona and he spent 3 weeks working full time on my house to prepare it for move in. That is one heck of a friend in my book!
Now it looks like this.

While Bob was here I took him to a friend's house who has a pet monkey. Her name is Angel and either she takes to you or she doesn't. In my case, some days she is crazy about me and others she will have nothing to do with me. Moody darn monkey she is!
 I always enjoy the looks on people's faces when Angel starts grooming them. It is natural for her, but weird for us humans. She even pretends like she gets bugs out of your hair and puts them in her mouth. She will also clean out your ears....kinda freaky and clean under your fingernails, which isn't so bad.
She will steal your beer if given the chance, even dig through your cooler for a beer. TJ used to yell at Dena and I, "keep that damn monkey out of my beer!"

I will post pictures from another room next week. It has been quite the project, but all in all it has been fun.


  1. Pretty handy and I love the new look of your fireplace...I had a friend with a monkey once, and she did the same thing, always grooming when she wasn't catapulting something.
    I cannot imagine loosing my man of so many years...I guess I'd dig in my heels, just like you and git'er'done.

  2. okay, the monkey would freak me out. and yes, that sounds like a great friend to have (the handy one!)

  3. Great friend, indeed. But I figure you don't have great friends unless you are one yourself. Your new fireplace looks terrific! Look forward to seeing more of your home. As for the monkey - can't imagine how I would re-act. No, I think I'd be very amused.

  4. pretty handy...that sounds like a great friend to have. the last photo cracks me up!

    i truly like the new look of your fireplace.

    happy wednesday!

  5. At least we hope the bugs are imaginary! Can you send your friend in my direction!

  6. It looks great! I'm not sure I remembered it had been a meth house- talk about an ambitious project.

    LOL over that monkey - I'd love to meet her!

  7. I agree about the gawking Indian. I like Indian art, but this just doesn't do it for me.

    Yay for your friend who came to help with the house. That's awesome for both of you.

    And as for the monkey -- no thanks. Not a fan. Lol.

  8. LOL, that monkey is great. The Indian wasn't. Awesome makeover!

  9. --The fireplace looks MUCH better. I couldn't stand that freaky dude starting at me either.

    The monkey is Fab. & she wears a diaper? Can people actully keep monkeys?

    She is adorable. xxxx

  10. I.LOVE.THE.FIREPLACE! The monkey....not so much...sorry! Cute...tho! BUT...REALLY love the fireplace! Well done!


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