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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Snake Chronicles

What you are about to read is true and it happened to my friend Michele. It reminds me of some of the stories I read in the book Puppalicious by Pamela Fagan Hutchins. Puppalicious is a wonderful read if like animal humor and you can buy it here

The Snake Chronicles began back in October of 2011. My girlfriend Michele who lives just down the road from me came home on a Saturday afternoon to find a bull snake in her house. We live in a rural area of the desert so, while this was disconcerting, she understood that it happens on occasion.  Using a pair of kitchen tongs Michele removed the snake from the house and placed it at the back of her property. The following morning Michele's adult daughter, Andrea, who was visiting from out of state, noticed another snake slithering down the hall. This time the snake was caught (covered with a glass bowl) and the fire department was called. The fire departments in Arizona are trained in snake removal. The snake was removed and Michele and Andrea headed out for a Mother / Daughter afternoon. Upon their return there were yet more snakes in the house and once again the fire department was called. The firemen informed Michele that there must be a nest of babies in her house and they can have up to 19 babies! That is it....the proverbial camel's back is broken! She and Andrea come to stay at my house for the evening.

Meanwhile we call my "bug man" to come do a thorough search of the house and remove any and all snakes that he can find. "Mighty Mike", as he is called, removed 5 additional snakes. All is good.....still a bit creepy, but good.

Michele spends the next 5 months scouring her home with a flashlight looking for snakes every evening when she arrives home from work. No snakes, so her comfort level begins to return. She begins to feel comfortable the snake problem has been resolved so one evening she does not go on snake patrol upon her arrival at home. She simply walks into her bedroom and begins to slip into her comfy clothes. Yes, you guessed it. Another snake is in her  bedroom. Mighty Mike to the rescue! Back to flashlight patrol. At this point we have sealed all holes in which we think they may be getting in.

Two months pass by with no more snakes. But alas, this past Thursday another snake.....well, make that 2 snakes! The first one was found when Michele arrived home from work. I received a hysterical phone call from Michele around 4:30 pm. Mighty Mike to the rescue again. I sat with her and we discussed options. She had calmed down and I headed home to bed. But I was woke from a deep sleep by pounding on my door at 11:30 pm. She had seen another snake and wanted to spend the night at my snake free house.

Michele has decided to sell her home and move. Frankly I understand. I have reached the point to where I too am always on the lookout for snakes when I am in her house. A person just can't live like that. Besides, she is about to retire and wanted to downsize within the next year anyway.


  1. your poor friend! she's given them every chance to leave her residence alone, hasn't she?! even though they are non-poisonous, i'd get very tired of them co-habitating. yikes!

  2. I'm glad to hear they are non-poisonous but all the same that many around would freak me out and I'm not particularly scared of snakes.

  3. It's like having a starring role in a scary movie about snakes. It would certainly creep me out. I hope she can sell her home quickly.

  4. Hmmm. I think that would be a good reason to move. Who wants to constantly be on edge like that in their own house?

  5. #1. wow, thank you that was a fun surprise to see on your post :)

    #2. OMG yes, move! the babies are having babies. She'll never be rid of them. Ughy, so gross.

  6. OMGosh,
    that freaks me out.
    It sounds like a scary movie or snakes on a plane or something.
    I kept thinking a snake may end up under her sheets!!! Xx

  7. That's scary!!! I don't mind snakes, but in photos!

  8. OMGoshness. Snakes. The spawn of the devil, I'm quite sure. That's not the bible talking, that's me talking. I wouldn't have made it through to the second snake. Glad to hear the poor lady's moving. Sheesh. Great story though! I'm feeling all creepy. LOL

  9. What a pain -- I'm not sure I would go as far as to sell my house under the same circumstances, but I can certainly understand her being fed up with the snakes.


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