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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goodbye Saguaros!

I finally got my saguaros removed. Well, I only had 5 of them removed. I have many more on my property. The ones I had removed were in the way of where I want to put a round pen and horse stalls. It took quite a few phone calls to find someone willing to pay me for them. Many of the landscapers I called wanted to charge me! Saguaros are protected in the state of Arizona and it is illegal to move them without a permit. Many people who live in the city want them in their yards and will often pay landscapers quite a bit of money for them so there was no way I was giving them up for free. Then I found "Cactus Deb". She offered me $10 a foot for them and she would get the permits and move them. I had a total of 35 feet of cactus removed. They were all fairly small and were what are called "spears", meaning they have no arms. While they may be small they are very heavy since they are full of water.

This was the largest one weighing in at approximately 1,100 pounds. Where they wrap the ropes around it is first wrapped with carpet. The needles are sharp but the actually flesh is tender so the carpet protects it. 

 A cradle that also has carpet on it is placed on the side it will be laid on.
 The roots are very shallow so very little digging will release the cactus from the soil.

 Once the cactus is laid on the truck the tap root is severed.
 It is then pushed up onto the truck bed.
Repeat the process.
This is the tag that must be affixed to each saguaro being transported.
The 3 largest all packed up and ready to go. They weighed (left to right) 900, 1,100 and 800 pounds.
The little 2 foot baby is rolled in carpet on the front and Deb will be back to get the little 5 foot one.
Depending on time and weather I should get my round pen and stalls up within a month. Yay!!


  1. that's really impressive! assuming they will survive even if the taproot was cut short? eek!

    glad you found someone to pay you AND take care of everything!

  2. Wow! That was fascinating for me. I'm so glad that they will have a new home, and that you'll have the space you need for your pen and stalls. WooHoo!!!

  3. Wow this is something I have never seen before it is fascinating. I am not a fan of cactus as a kid I fell on one and it was under my arm not any good memories there.
    Good for you. B

  4. Those were some nice saguaros! I'm glad you found someone willing to pay for them, the money will help put up the round pen and stalls! :)
    Are you battened down for the big winter storm today?

  5. That's very cool. And they look magnificent. I had no idea that you could move them esp with such a small amount of roots. 10 bucks per foot seems inadequate - wonder what your landscaper charges people to put them back in their yard...

  6. Now that looks like a job!

    Hooray for stalls and round pens. You must be excited!

  7. The root system is much smaller than I'd imagined it would be; they are beautiful though! So glad you were able to sell them.

  8. I'd probably have a difficult time saying goodbye to them, but I can totally understand your wanting to use the space for something you love. :)

  9. WOWZA, look at those Saguaros go! Sad to see them leave, but I do understand. I hope this means the horse pen can come yet this year!

  10. Wow, interesting. I never would have guessed that they could weigh so much. I'm glad you found someone to remove them.

  11. now that's really cool!

    in situations like this, it's hard saying goodbye to them, but i can totally relate to you. so glad that you'll have the space you need for your stalls and round pens!

    big hugs~

  12. So that is how one safely removes a Saguaro. That could be a prickly situation. :) BTW, y'alls place is pretty. I love the desert southwest and hope to return for a visit again some day.
    God bless.
    (Got here from the Thistle Cove Farm blog)


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