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Monday, July 9, 2012

Tater The Water Dog

Tater is obsessed with the pool. The moment I arrive home from work he begins running around like crazy wanting me to put my swimsuit on so we can go play in the pool. On Saturdays when I have the girls over for pool day he spends the whole day outside with us playing in the pool. My daily swim with Tater usually ends up with me laughing hysterically and very happy, wet dog.

 Last Thursday & Friday a girlfriend and her husband hung out at my pool while I was at work. She text me this picture of Tater with the caption, "Tater wants another Bud Light".
He loves to just float around the pool on "his" raft.

 I am not sure what he is doing here but his head is submerged. He obviously has no fear when it comes to the water.

 Dog tired from too much fun in the sun and pool!

You know my tag line....It's not all puppies and ice I wanted to leave you with what we found in the pool on Saturday. Ewwwww, I hate scorpions!


  1. This post was very close to tipping the "cute" meter. I mean, Tater Tot is da, I mean da pooch. HOWEVER, you could have gone all day without showing that scorpion. YOW!


  2. i hate 'em too!

    tater is adorable! i love your water dog!

  3. Thanks for the smile inducing photos (except for the last). Love the one of Tater with his head under water - checking for scorpions, perhaps?

  4. i absolutely love Tater. when you two are inside, sitting on the sofa, does he, very casually, slide the tv remote under his paw and channel "surf?" you should read Farley Mowat's, "The Dog Who Wouldn't Be" to Tater; or maybe he's already read it. check his library.

  5. LOL, he is just so funny floating around on the raft! What a cute dog.

  6. Tater is so awesome! I want to swim with him, he looks like the total life of the party!

  7. Omgggoodness, I love that dog. I can't believe he's on the raft.

    Tater Rocks! Is that your pool? If so, I'm comin' over! Xxx

  8. This caused me to smile this morning first thing -- Tater is awesome. :)

  9. Tater I like. Not so much the scorpion! Eeek!

  10. what a great post. This made my day, especially seeing him floating on his own raft. How cute. My Sasha loved the water too. We didn't have a pool but if we went to the river or lake, we couldn't keep her out of the water. Was that scorpion dead or alive? Scary!

    Re: 50 shades...... I've been skipping over the sex scenes too. I'd rather use my imagination than read the same boring description every single time. Haha. I just want to scream, "Get on with it already!"


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