My life changed dramatically and forever when I lost TJ.

I welcome you to follow along as I adjust to my "new normal".

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Waiting For Life To Get Easier

I keep waiting. Waiting for life to get easier. No mistakes, fewer risks, more rewards. But really, does it ever get any easier or do we just muddle through one struggle after the other? We tell ourselves, "it will all be OK if I can just get through this". We do what it takes to get through the current struggle only to be knocked down again by something else. So maybe, life never does get any easier. Maybe it is the struggle, the climb, the overcoming of one obstacle after another that life is all about. Life doesn't get easier, it just changes. It becomes different. In reality there is nothing simple or easy about life. I guess I should stop waiting for life to get easier and begin to live life. Live it, as complex and difficult as it is.

Most of us take the gift of life for granted.Your life is a gift. Accept it! No matter how screwed up or painful it seems to be. Life is not a dress rehearsal and there is no time for do-overs. We don't get to practice again and again until we get it right. Even those few times when we do get to rehearse, prepare, practice we find that we aren't even remotely ready for life's grand moments. If only we could slow things down. Because before you know it....the gift of life is gone. 

"To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die." ~ Thomas Campbell


  1. Very true. I've had a very rough year (things I can't blog about unfortunately) and you really think nothing else major can happen. But sometimes it does. And you have to figure out how to pick yourself up and make the best of life, one way or another. And while the situation might not get better, at least you may find little joys in your day, in spite of it.

  2. wise words but so hard to live in the moment. :)

  3. --Beautiful Post.

    I don't think life will ever get least, not for me without my sister.

    But I live one minute at time-- & that seems to be working.

    Love you. Think of you often. Xxx

  4. Hi is so amazing that you stopped by to say hi today.....YOU have crossed my mind lately.......I have not visited any blogs for sometime and often a few of you gals pop into my head and I wonder what you are up to. I see you are still on the "healing path".... I believe that path can either be straight and narrow or wide and is what you make is done in your one elses.....take your time....friend....and enjoy life however much of life you can....each and every day. Great post.


  5. My life seems to have stopped since my partner Kenni died, 4 years ago this August. I live in a place of shadows and can't seem to find meaning or happiness. Volunteer regularly, try to interact with others but I seem to have lost the plot. I used to be so positive and optimistic but now it a struggle to feel good.

  6. Now at 72, I have found peace. I have lived a sort of unusual life, I have lost many loved ones who died far too young, my life has not been easy. I'm transcribing my journals right now, so I remember back how it used to be. I feel blessed because now I can see the beauty in small things, a bird, a flower, my dogs. I don't know how much more we can ask of life. This was a wonderful post. I think your ability to open up about your life will help you live it happier.

  7. Truth resounding. It is truly a gift to grow old.

  8. I like to think we are just passing through. We are visitors.
    Great and beautiful post! Very touching...

  9. Oh a beautiful post. I have a good life but have had my share of heartache, I am lucky to have My Hero and I cannot imagine what you are going through, I do know I don't think I could ease back into life if I had that loss but I think you are on the right track writing your feelings and looking for the little blessings.
    You are going to be alright I can see strength in your words. HUGS B


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