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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Opinion Of The New Sitcom "Go On"

I must begin this with a disclaimer of sorts. I rarely watch TV other than local news for weather and traffic in the morning. I don't go to movies. I haven't been to a movie theater since 1983 (my senior year of high school and I sure wasn't there for the movie *wink*). I don't know the names or faces of actors/actresses. I have no idea what good or bad acting looks like. The last sitcom I remember watching is MASH. Show up unannounced at my house on any given evening and I can pretty much guarantee you that I won't be wasting my time staring at the television. What you will find me doing is sitting outside, playing with the dogs, reading, writing blogs, or doing some type of household project.

Having said all that. What I am is a widow and the show Go On is about a widower. I heard about it on Twitter. Yes, I do confess to wasting loads of time on Twitter....but mostly at work....shhhhh. I looked it up on the internet and subscribed to it on Hulu.

I find it very funny. It pokes fun at the death of a spouse or significant other like I thought only those of us who had been there can do. The show mainly focuses around the widower and his fellow group therapy attendees. Having never attended group therapy I can only assume that one would find as diverse a group of people as the show portrays. It highlights how different people have very different grief journeys and how each deals with their grief in very different ways.

What I especially like is that it portrays the widower not as a sobbing mess, but one who is trying to push through it all. He is attempting to make all things look normal to his employer and his friends, when all the time nothing is normal for him. They show glimpses of him alone and missing his wife. They show how long and lonely the evenings and nights can be. Another accurate portrayal is of his friends, not his group therapy friends, but his co-workers and friends from before his wife's passing. The show portrays them as not "getting it". They try to understand but it is very obvious they don't. His group therapy friends, on the other hand, do understand and hence the relationship between them grows.

I will continue to watch the show to see how it evolves. I also saw on Twitter yesterday that the show has been picked up for a full season. I can only guess that there are others who are enjoying it also. If you have seen it I would love to read your opinion and if you haven't you might give it a shot. It is definitely worth the 20 minutes it takes me to watch it once a week, which is about my maximum weekly TV viewing.


  1. i have not actually sat down and watched it, but i've had it playing in the background as i've blogged and caught moments here and there passing through the living room. what i saw, i liked. it is good to hear they are portraying a lot of it seriously and accurately - as well as throwing in the awkward humor of humanity. :)

  2. I'll look for it -- although, like you, I rarely watch tv. Sounds like a great show. :)

  3. Sandy, this is terrific! Thanks for playing along with our blog hop!

  4. It sounds like a neat show. I'd love to see it. Course we don't get any tv channels, so it isn't likely any time soon.

  5. It sounds like a great show. I will have to see if my brother in law has heard of it. I can't begin to imagine what is like to have lost a spouse. I know what it is to have lost my sister...we are blessed that my bil continues to keep us in his life as well as my nephew's. I know we all miss her terribly but they have to miss her in ways we will never comprehend.

    Like you, I don't watch tv except children's programming every now and then (like before school in the morning or in the background while I make dinner. Then the tv goes silent). Thank you for sharing about this! I would've never heard of it otherwise.

  6. Hi Sandy I have been watching this show too I love the actor and that is why I tuned in he used to be on a little show called Friends.
    I laugh at the antics of the group and it does make you forget loss for twenty minutes or at least makes you think and laugh. Hugs B

  7. I'm not a big TV watcher either but I love this show. As a remarried widower I can really relate to a lot of the situations. The writers do a good job of capturing what it's like.

  8. hi sandy,

    it does sound like a great shaw.
    i'd like to watch it.

    big hugs!

  9. I do watch TV, but rarely sitcoms. However...I absolutely love Go On for its humor and down to earth subject. It makes me laugh, want to cry and realize that others have issues, too. Great show, glad you are enjoying it, too!
    Hugs. GraceinAZ (Pat)

  10. I love that you were able to enjoy it... a bunch of the other widowed folks just did not find it funny.
    I finally published the "master post" with all the links to reviews of the show by widowed folks... I hope you get some time to read through them, it's interesting!

  11. I was aware of the show before it aired; I am a big TV kind of person but not really a big fan of Matthew Perry so I wan't sure how much I would like him playing in what I consider "my" world. I am very glad to say I do really like this show quite a lot. It was by no means certain how well a network show would handle the subject matter!! I did go to a grief group - well actually, I went to two but dropped out of the second one - and the experience was similar (except that we aren't all such good friends as they are in the show). I find it immensely comforting to have this half hour of television that talks to how I feel , the 1:23AM part is so touching.

  12. dear sandy,

    just stopping by to say hi!
    wish you a nice restful and relaxing weekend!


  13. I don't watch TV except sports, but I caught one of the debut episodes because it came after the Olympics. I thought it was funny, but I didn't see te quiet evenings where he misses her part. I like that you are enjoying it though, and get to see something you can relate to.

  14. I'm glad you are enjoying the show. Better yet, I am so happy that you spend time sitting with your dogs outside. That's so great and reminds me I must brush Samson right now. Have a nice evening, Sandy.

  15. ---Sandy,
    I've watched it 2 times and thus far it gets a Thumbs Up :) Xxxx

  16. thanks for posting.


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