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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rescuing "The Shack"

I finally took the time to rescue "The Shack". It has been neglected since TJ got sick....about 3 1/2 years ago. After he died I wasn't sure about much of anything in my life let alone what to do with our place down south. Well, I finally got it in my head that I should keep it and whip it back into shape again. A friend graciously agreed to help me get it back into shape with the promise of being able to hang out down there and do some horseback riding. So we both took a 4 day weekend, loaded his truck full of paint, generator, tools and headed south for 4 days. We spent Friday and Saturday doing repairs and painting the Main Shack and the Guest Shack. I was too tired and my back hurt too much to paint the bathroom on Saturday so we left that part for another time. Since the bathroom is the smallest building it should not take long next time we go down. On Sunday morning we thoroughly cleaned the inside of both shacks. Sam encountered a family of mice in living in the guest shack and even though it meant breaking a broom handle one of them didn't make it out alive and hopefully the others have left permanently. Later in the day we drove into town (Sunsites, AZ) and went to the local watering hole and had a couple of beers. Ironically, the local bar is named TJ's Bar & Grill!

 The bathroom that is in desperate need of paint. Note the pile of brush on the steps by our resident pack rat aka Packy. We will knock it all off every morning and every night he fills the step back up again. He sure is a hard worker!

 The shacks before paint....isn't it just awful?! I forgot to get a really good picture of them after paint.

 Sam is hard at work finishing up painting the trim. What a difference huh?

 The sunrise on Saturday morning. The mountain range you see to the east are the Chiricahua Mountains

This is a view looking west at the Dragoon Mountains. I have had the pleasure of riding horseback all through this mountain range. It is also where TJ's ashes are spread. He loved it down there.

I owe a huge thank you to Sam for agreeing to help me down there. I can't imagine doing everything that needed to be done all by myself. TJ & I had planned to build an actual house down there as our retirement home. I thought my dreams of that were over when I lost him. But I now have renewed faith that someday I will live down there full time. I have often said that my home is in Cochise, I just happen to work in the Phoenix area. So this past weekend was like going home for me.....bittersweet, yet it sure felt good to be home again.


  1. oh, good for you! sounds like sam will be able to enjoy the place a bit, too for his labor. :) glad you had help. it was a lot to get done in a couple of days!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I am glad to hear that you had the strength to go and do this. The view is breathtaking. WOW~

  3. That made me happy but a little verklempt. So gorgeous. Awesome to see you have a good weekend and get back in touch with athe place you love.

  4. you live in such a gorgeous, magical area. i love your photos. dreams of where to live, what will be, even though they are gone, are what keep me going. someday. someday. i keep telling myself, "someday you'll find a home." i'm glad you know where yours is and can go there and stand on the earth and see all it's beauty. peace to you.

  5. Oh that was a HUGE step and you did it. It looks like the perfect place I am so happy you had your friend Sam to help you and I do believe you will live there in retirement someday.It is going to be great.
    It is so beautiful there I love the mountains. HUGS B

  6. It's so beautiful there! I would want to live there full time!

  7. When Sam is done with your shacks, can you send him up here to paint my outhouse? :)

  8. GOoooooooooRGEOUS.

    Is Sam available?

    Love. Xxx

  9. The sun rise photo is amazing. I just want to stand and smile into it with my eyes closed.


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