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Monday, October 1, 2012

October - The Season For Creepies

October 1st today. The beginning of the Halloween season. While I abhor dressing up in costume, I do love to decorate my house for Halloween. Yesterday I excitedly got my Halloween storage tote out of the shed. As I carried it into the house I noticed how light it felt. It was when I opened it that I remembered why. Last year I got rid of the majority of my decorations with the intention of purchasing some new ones this year. I had only kept a few pieces. The afternoon I had planned to spend decorating took me all of about 10 minutes. It was very disappointing and anti-climatic for me.

In the spirit of Halloween I want to leave you with something I found to be quite creepy

EWWWW!!! I fished this drowned guy out of my pool on Saturday morning. The largest one so far. It gave me the eebie jeebies thinking he was that close to my house.



  1. I'm not much for Halloween myself, but I think it's great for kids who are having such a good time with all the scary stuff. It would creep me out big time if I found one of those around here. I was told we do have them, but I've never seen one. And I've seen only one tarantula since we moved here.

  2. YIKES that is creepy we do not have them here in part of Canada thank goodness. Have fun decorating. B

  3. ours have been coming in here, too. i've killed 3 small ones in the last week in the living room.

  4. I suppose you all in the south get a little used to these buggers but I'm not sure I ever would!

  5. I love Halloween too. Now you have a good excuse to go shopping.

    Ick. I remember those from Texas....but I don't miss them!

  6. Eek! So far we haven't had any that we know of! But, they have been known to crawl around our patio! Scary critters! Have fun decorating for the season!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ (Pat)

  7. omgggggggggggggg, is that a SCORPIAN?

    They scare me more than ANY insect in the entire world.

    OMGggggggggggggggggggg. I'm soooooooooo scared!

  8. Oh yeah, EWWWWWW. Check your boots before you put them on!

  9. Ickkk! We used to have them occasionally in the pool in AZ. I would scoop them out with the pool scooper and throw them over the concrete wall to make sure they were AWAY from the house. I watched one night as a live one crawled in a tiny crack in that concrete wall. Ewww.
    As to Pauline's comment, we had a hanging shoe bag to keep that from happening!

  10. A scorpion??? Here in Portugal we do HAVE Summer!!!
    Grrrrrunf!!! hate those things... they are dangerous, did you know????

    Theresa found some in the Living room??? Or dear!!!


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