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Friday, June 12, 2009

3 Good Days in a Row...YIPPEEE!!!!!

Today is day 3 of TJ's good days. It all started Wednesday when he woke up. Not sure what happened overnight but it was good. He spent all day Wednesday running around with his friends. He was tired in the evening but not overly tired. Worked well though because I went to dinner with girlfriends that night. He is still having trouble eating as things still don't taste very good to him. On Wednesday night he did not liked what he fixed while I was out so I helped him to choose something he would eat after I got home. I hate to say it are pitiful when they are sick and seem to enjoy being taken care of. I know most of you agree with me...LOL.

He has even been working on his car. For those of you that don't know about this car thing, he bought a rolling chassis of a 1932 Ford Coupe. This is a huge dream of his and is hoping to finish it soon. I will post some pictures of the progress later this weekend.

This morning was the best though. I was in the kitchen getting coffee and breakfast before work and TJ was in the shower. Shortly after I heard the shower turn off I heard something coming from the bedroom I had not heard in months. TJ was whistling!!!! I knew this meant he felt good today and I immediately went in the bedroom to see him. I was right, he said he felt really good and no, I wasn't hearing things he was whistling. Amazing how a little whistling can make your whole day great!

Battle on TJ, Battle on


  1. Glad you and TJ had a good three days. I know the sound of TJ whistling means he felt great is a good thing. Hopefully soon you will be hearing TJ whistling every morning.

    Mark H.

  2. Hey TJ, glad to hear you're doing better. I think about you all the time and you are in our prayers. Hang tuff dude, I know you got it in ya!!


  3. Hi Guys,
    First TJ I know with your positive attitude and your F**k it personality you are going to kick this nasty disease in the ass. I have said since the beginning that you are going to kick won't be and hasn't been easy but it is going to happen. I pray for you numerous times during each and every day. I love you honey.
    Sandy, I pray that God gives you the strength and patience to hang in there also. You deserve big big Kudos. Being the caregiver, the support group, and the pilar of strength is the hardest job you will ever be called to do. Just know that there are better things to come. I love you too hon. I'm sorry that I don't call as often as I should but know that I think of you both every, every day. You know I am just a phone call away for anything. Peace in your Pasture! Diana


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