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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chemo Rears Its Ugly Head!

Those of you that have gone through Chemo or know someone who has know exactly what I mean. How can they expect you to fight the cancer when for three days straight they are dumping poison into your body. Oh, and the side effects even after it is over! TJ had Chemo on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of last week and then that darn nasty Neulasta shot on Thursday. He participated in a trial to help alleviate the side effects from the Neulasta shot. Twice a day, the day before, the day of, and the day after his shot he took a Zantac (over the counter) and an Alleve. We think all it did was delay the effects for about 24 hours. Until this afternoon he had been in the house since Friday and most of that time he spent sleeping. His taste is all messed up and every morning and every evening is a struggle to find something that tastes tolerable to him. After work today I picked him up and we went to the grocery together hoping something would hit him. He settled on me making a meatloaf, still cooking so who knows how this will go.
Supposedly this was his last round of Chemo but they have him scheduled for another round beginning June 22 just in case. On June 17th TJ goes in for a CT scan with contrast to see how the radiation and Chemo have worked. On the 22nd we see Dr. Nabong (oncologist) for the results and that will determine if he has Chemo that day or not. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed for us that the CT scan gives us good news. I will be taking the 22nd off in hopes of celebrating. By the way, in my first post I said we had been together since 2004, boy was that a typo. TJ and I actually met in 1994, he gave me grief for eliminating 10 years of our relationship ;-D Oooops.
With TJ being down the last 4 days I have seen a bit of frustration in him and I don't blame him. I am at work all day and he does not feel like doing anything so he is just home alone all day.
The dogs only provide so much company after a while. Tonight two of his friends are here for a visit (Al & Steve), I am sure that will perk him up and yesterday his niece Phylicia called him and he really appreciated her taking the time to visit with him. Friends are vital in the healing process and even as I type this I hear him laughing with Al & Steve; that is a priceless sound to me.
Battle On TJ, Battle On


  1. You hang in there. I love ya & I know how strong you are! God bless you both. If you ever ever need, you call 1-800-783-5154. I am here and I can be there...

  2. This site is a very good idea! I wish you and TJ all the best. Be strong and hang in there! BTW...many congrats on your wedding bliss. That is awesome!


  3. Thinking of you keeping up the good fight and will for sure have my fingers and toes crossed on the 22nd for good news from the Dr.

    Your favorite brother.

  4. Gotta love the whistling! Wonderful news!



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