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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Weekend !!

I think for the first time since TJ's diagnosis we actually had a great weekend (well, other than the weekend we got married of course). He is feeling really good and has an OK appetite. On Saturday morning we sat outside and drank coffee. Until Saturday he had all but quit drinking coffee so it was nice to resume a long standing ritual with us. The weather was so nice out that we cooked breakfast and ate outside too. Did the same thing again on Sunday morning. Beautiful weather we are having in Arizona right now.
Kinda funny how our life has changed the last three months. Neither one of us do the things we used to do on the weekends and even the weeknights are long and boring since we are not TV watchers either. No going out to dinner or meeting friends at the bar; things are just totally different. Well, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH, so on Saturday, against my financial better judgement and at the time to TJ's dismay, I went to WalMart (or as I call it Hell) and bought us a Wii Sports for entertainment. My justification was actually two fold. Everything I have read says that the best thing to do during cancer treatments is to exercise. TJ has wanted nothing to do with exercise and I know that I have even pushed him to the point of irritation on this ;) My thinking was that the Wii would be entertaining and provide some exercise at the same time. Oh My God was I right. Saturday night we played for almost 2 hours (bowling and golf) and today we are both a little sore; him more than me. We had a blast though so now we are both in agreement that it was money well spent.
I want to add some of TJ's car pictures but I just haven't figured out how to do it. I will work on that tomorrow and get them added next week. Keep all fingers crossed that his CT scan on Wednesday gives us good news!
Battle on TJ, Battle On


  1. So glad you guys had a great weekend. You both deserve it. Must have been nice sitting outside drinking a grande non-fat latter with sugar free Hazlenut dreaming you were in Seattle (Kidding!!!. I don't think you two have ever dreamed of being in Seattle).

    I never thought of a wii as being exercise, but as we discussed something I need to do also.mmm Perhaps I should see about getting one. Plus something you can do together which is always nice.

    Love you guys,

  2. Cool beans guys. Good Luck on the CAT scan, I have a good feeling.

    You are both always in my thoughts, ~Loretta


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