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Sunday, August 16, 2009

No News is Good News

For whatever reason I have not hardly posted this week and for those of you that follow diligently I am sorry. It was just kind of an uneventful week, which is a good thing lately. Now that we have his meds dialed in the Neulasta shot does not keep him down as long and by Wednesday or Thursday TJ was up and running.

My sister and her friend have bought a home on the other side of town in Pebble Creek and although my sister is still in Indiana her friend Diana is here so on Saturday TJ & I drove over there for a visit and a quick swim in the pool. Pool water was a bit cool for us at 80 Farenheit but was refreshing anyway. When we got home TJ took a 2 hour nap and then headed to one of his car buddy's house for a visit. I passed on this as the last thing on my list of things to do on a Saturday night is sit and listen to guys talk about cars. BORING!!! So this meant that on a Saturday night I actually was home alone and probably for the first time in my life I was happy to be home alone on a Saturday night. I did not even make a phone call to find something to do. I had some dinner and watched a stupid chick flick on Hallmark Channel. Boy was it good to have some brain dead time and believe me, you have to be brain dead to watch Hallmark movies. Just for the record I don't plan on making a habit of this. Bad part is that TJ did so much on Saturday that he slept through a big part of the race today and is back napping again.

We had an interesting morning this morning though and I am laughing again just thinking about it. We were sitting on the patio drinking coffee and the weather was beautiful but the sound of the pigeons on the tack room roof was making us crazy. TJ went in the house and got the pellet gun and took a couple of shots at them from the patio mostly just to run them off. We didn't think much about it until we decided to go inside and fix some breakfast. It was then that we realized Dobie was gone. OH MY GOD, THE LITTLE CHIHUAHUA IS GOING TO BE COYOTE BREAKFAST!!!!!! We are thinking that the pellet gun sound scared him and he ran off. First we look in the house and under every piece of furniture, even the stuff we didn't think he could fit under. NO DOBIE! Then we begin searching our yard and the neighbor's yard. NO DOBIE! Ok, let's split up and walk across the street and look for him. NO DOBIE! Holy hell, he is so small and defenseless and with no tag on his collar. TJ opens the garage door and we are going to get in our trucks and drive around looking for him. When the garage door opened I swore I heard him barking in the back yard, we look and call for him but no luck. TJ tells me it must have been the dog next door. We both grab our keys. He is going to head south and I am to head north and through the desert. I get in my truck and I can't help but think that I know I heard him in the back yard earlier. If anyone knows the sounds of their animals it is me! He is so small and I really think he is hiding somewhere back there. So, I know he will bark at my truck if he sees it and I roll all my windows down and drive around back on my way out. Sure enough, I get in the backyard and I hear him barking at my truck. I am looking and looking but can't see the little butthead although it sounds like he is up by the house at the north end. I pull up a bit and look, I finally spot him and now I am absolutely cracking up. I called TJ to tell him to come home as I found him, but I was laughing so hard I could hardly speak. Here is where we found him.

What we believe happened is that when TJ walked out with the gun he closed the main door but not the security door. The gun scared Dobie and he wanted in the house. TJ, not seeing him there reached around and closed the security door leaving him trapped between the two. Although is was a good and funny ending we truly were scared for the little guy and all my dogs are getting tags this week.
And that my friends is how I missed the first half of Race Day!!
Battle On TJ, Battle On

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  1. hehe. Serves the damn Mexican right for being so mean. looks like a good place to keep him.

    your favorite brother.


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