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Saturday, August 8, 2009

WHEW...That Was a Close Call

The type of chemo that TJ gets is called Cisplatin. It is known for causing severe nausea and vomiting. So far we have been able to avoid that particular side effect. Well, that is until last night! When I got home from work yesterday TJ was up and visiting with a friend who had stopped by. I thought all was well. After our friend left TJ wanted to take a nap before dinner so off to bed he went. He got up about 6:00 pm and said he was hungry so I started his dinner for him. When he came into the kitchen, right before dinner was to be ready, he told me he felt a little nauseous. At first I thought it might be just because he is hungry but then I saw that look on his face and he said he did not want to eat anything. I got him comfortable in his recliner (with an empty trash can near) and went in search of the nausea medicine they had given us in the beginning. I, of course, being the pessimist that I am, had already gotten all of the prescriptions filled just in case TJ needed them. Well, now I have these 3 different nausea medications and no idea which one to give TJ. I want the one that will work the best and the quickest. Just as I was about to call the pharmacist (who I am now on a first name basis with as well as all the other employees at Walgreens) I remembered speaking with his Mom about nausea, she had it off and on during her treatments and was being treated with Cisplastin also. They had given her the same nausea prescriptions and for some reason I remembered which one she said worked best for her. So, once again, I am thinking, like Mother, like Son and gave TJ the same medication also. It worked! His stomach settled down after a bit and he even had a bowl of cereal before going to bed.
We were both awake about 2:30 am and I asked him how his gut was feeling and he said it seems to be fine. Good! So now I am doing the math in my head and that medicine is an 8 hour dose and he took the pill at about 6:30 pm so we are looking at exactly 8 hours here. Now I am wondering is he truly fine or is the medicine still doing its thing? Now I start worrying and can't sleep, hence why I am up at 3:30 am blogging. For good grief, I can't believe this!
Even though we celebrated his birthday last weekend his actual birthday is this Sunday and I really want him feeling half way good. Not that I have any plans for him except to watch NASCAR, I just want him feeling good on his birthday.
Battle On TJ, Battle On


  1. The Nausea is really awful.. when i was having chemo i was really bad.. but i always had the 3 days worth of sickness pills from the hospital to fall back on. Unfortunatly the nausea lasted longer than 3 days.. i used to make sure i had something in my stomach and made sure i had some dry toast, also i drank ginger tea and anything ginger i could get my hands on..

    I posted on my blog in May about this.. here's the link.. hopefully it'll help TJ xx

  2. Well I hope you guys have a good NASCAR day.


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