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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friday Photo Shoot Out: My Favorite Place To _______________

Oh how I have been thinking about and looking forward to this topic. This week I can make up for all those weeks that I have drawn a blank and posted just one lonely photo. The first thing that came to mind was:


They have the best deals in town and it has that small town feel that Apache Junction has lost in recent years. I also love the old fashioned signs they have.

I went there the other day and got all this stuff for $10. I don't know about other parts of the world or even other parts of the country but for here in Arizona $10 is quite a bargain for all this stuff.

My Favorite Place to "Sit Comfortable & Read"

The rocker was given to me years ago by a few very close friends at a time when I was really down. I have hauled it back and forth across the US numerous times and probably will never part with it. I have a bad back and it is really the only place I can sit comfortably, especially when I prop my feet up on the arm of the couch. It may not be the most eye appealing way to arrange furniture but it sure is practical!

As most of you know TJ's Mom passed away last week. One of the few things he asked her to leave to him was this table. I don't know all the details on it yet but I know that TJ remembers it from when he was very young. Sooo, in honor of his Mother and just because I love TJ like I do, this is now :

My Favorite Place to "Sit & Eat Dinner With TJ"

Great theme this week and I can't wait to see what all the other members post as this leaves so much to interpretation.


  1. Very nice. I sure do wish we had a nice place to buy fresh fruits and veggies.

    I like your old rocking chair. Every time I go to Cracker Barrel Restaurant, which is only about once a year, I think about buying one of their rockers. One of these days I actually will buy one.

    I think it's nice that you have honored TJ and his mother with the table being one of your favorite places to eat now.

  2. Nice, intimate, moving blog. I love it. oddly enough the verification word for my comment was "quart" and I immediately thought ... strawberries. I wonder if Blogspot is not as random as it pretends to be with these words.

  3. Fresh produce is always welcomed up here and too often hard to find.

  4. It always great to have locally grown fresh and hopefully organic vegetables. We have a couple of markets close to us. You always feel better when they are fresh and not shipped in on trucks. Thanks for posting!

  5. sorry about your loss. lovely table and chairs to have as a remembrance. great shots all! have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Nice haul from the produce stand!
    I am sentimental - it's neat that TJ gets to eat at the table that nourished him and brings back memories.

  7. That rocker looks very inviting!

  8. Oh I love the shots..brings back such wonderful memories for me. Didn't like the heat - but so many wonderful places to see there!!
    Namaste, Sarah

  9. The main thing for reading is to be comfortable. And there are few things more comfortable than a rocking chair!

    We have Whittamore's Farm not far from us and love to shop there for fresh vegetables.

    Loved your photos.

  10. Love your photos, Sandy. So nice that you have TJ's mum's table and chairs, a lovely link with the past. Thanks for the best wishes about my health, I am close to A1 again now.

  11. Your market looks awesome! I love Pink Lady apples, and I have NEVER seen them for that price in MI anywhere.

    I am jealous. Now I know how much I am over-paying. LOL!

  12. Very nice! I have made a resolution from your food shots that I will start eating healthier. Check back to see how I'm doing. Gordon
    Sorry, I didn't realize until now that I'm checked in under the bloggerteam.

  13. what a sweet and heartwarming post. I hope TJ's pain is resolved soon. and be sure you take care of you TOO!

  14. Oh I forgot what I was going to say, since I saw the 'Save the Boobs' title :) I do love fresh markets on the side of the road, and wish I had a real place for my table and chair...


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