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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Scan Results

Not exactly what we were hoping for but definitely could have been quite a bit worse. The good news is that for now no more chemo is scheduled and his next scan will be in 2 months. Here is what they found on the scan: 1) the cancer in his lung is stable 2) his brain lesions are stable and his brain isn't showing any signs of swelling 3) there is one new very small lesion on his brain 4) there is a very small undetermined lesion on his liver.

We joke that the "undetermined" lesion on his liver is probably cirrhosis. LOL But those of you that have known us for a while are probably shaking your head laughing and saying to yourself, "yep, probably is". Obviously we didn't mention this to the doctor but he isn't too worried about it either, although that is his reason for scan in 2 months instead of the normal 3.

So, all in all a pretty good outcome and we are looking forward to the time off of treatments. Providing of course that I don't have to have some kind of surgery and screw the whole thing up!

Under the greatest adversity there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others ~ Dalai Lama

Battle On TJ, Battle On


  1. Maybe the time off from treatment will give TJ the strength to feel more positive. (not that he's not positive already).

    Stable is good.

    Keep the prayers going and kick cancer's ass.

  2. I'm so happy for you and TJ ... and no chemo for a while ... that is great!

  3. great quote - I am sure holding those thoughts will give you strength.

  4. Enjoy your weekend - I hope the sun shines for all of you!


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