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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Feeling Good & The Truck is Broke Down

Good news is that the drug schedule I came up with seems to still be working for TJ. He is feeling pretty damn good; still sleeping alot but I suppose that is to be expected. The good thing is that when he wakes up he feels great. He is especially perky in the morning...sometimes too perky if ya ask me;) At times I hate to leave for work as I think I am missing good times with him.

Bad news is that the transmission in his truck went out the other day! Financially this is not what we needed but it has to be fixed. We have some emergency money stashed but we did not plan on this for sure. Things will be easier when disability kicks in but that isn't until October. Meanwhile, since TJ is feeling so well I don't want him to be without transportation so we are getting it fixed.

My feeling is this: I can stand side by side with TJ and fight this cancer battle tooth and nail, no problem, that battle we can beat, but the damn financial burden that it puts on you is unreal and at times can bring both of us to our knees.

Enough of feeling sorry for us...I follow know_cancer on twitter and today they asked all their followers what they are thankful for. My first thought was nothing, with the truck in the shop, but I decide to post, "I am thankful that TJ is having a good day". Will they decided to Retweet that to their 13,000 followers

know_cancerRT @Sandy_Webb: "I am thankful that TJ is having a good day today"...and so r we! btw..ur wedding pic is awesome

Wow did we get some hits on that photo after that. But the real point is that I need to continue to remember my mantra that I began the weekend that TJ was diagnosed with cancer. "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff and It Is ALL Small Stuff!"

Battle On TJ, Battle On!


  1. Thanks for explaining Sandy, I'm so out of it. Hi TJ finally catching up with all the news. Now I will do better. I'm seeing more good news than bad so Danny and I will continue to keep you in our daily thoughts. Love and Hugs, Melinda

  2. ohh sorry about the truck sandy. Always something isn't it? I have been keeping up with the blot believe it or not Just don't always know what to say.


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