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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Not A Bad Week Overall

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. No excuse really, just sometimes my new life gets in the way. My new life? Yeah, the one I have now that TJ has been diagnosed with cancer. We were just talking this morning how different things are now. His whole perspective has changed as has mine. He has really slowed down and it is actually kinda enjoyable. Our weekends are less stress filled and more relaxing. We take time to visit with friends more and spend more one on one time together. So much more of our time is cherished, especially when he is having good days. It is nice and I think I like my new life. I just wish TJ didn't have to get cancer for us to realize we both needed to slow down a bit.
Anyway, the beginning of this last week was of course a little tough for TJ but towards the end of the week he began feeling much better. Friday he and I brought the car home so now it is in our garage and he can work on it more as his health allows. I am glad to have it back home.
The good news of the week is that we picked up our wedding photos. Kelly did an awesome job with the pictures and we got 473 pictures on 2 CD's. She also did a DVD montage set to music. We are just so happy with all the pictures. We have printed out pictures of TJ and I and framed them for his Mom and Dad and printed a couple of just TJ to send to his kids. I also put some on Flickr for everyone to see.
Here is the link to the DVD montage, it is about 10 minutes long but worth it
Here is the link to the Flickr photos that I put together, some are also on the DVD montage but these are my personal favorites of all we received:
Battle On TJ, Battle On


  1. Those are beautiful pictures ... very simple but lovely.

    All the the best to the two of you,

  2. BTW great pictures. What a handsome big brother you have.


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