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Monday, July 13, 2009

Possible Change in Treatment Schedule ?!?!?!

As usual TJ saw Dr. Nabong this morning. He always sees him on chemo week Monday. Usually it is to just to go over labs and make sure all is well for him to move forward with more chemo. I am not there for this appointment because as a general rule it is pretty routine. I wish I would have been there today. I had TJ ask him about taking American Ginseng orally to help with his fatigue and he said if we wanted to try it then it would be OK. I read about a clinical trial with cancer patients and American Ginseng and thought it would be worth a try as long as it has no adverse interactions with his other medications. I think I am going to take it also and see if it will help my energy level too. It sure can't hurt. TJ also spoke with Dr. Nabong about the severe back pain and he got the answer that I expected, basically that is just part of it and all we can do is up the amount of hydrocodone he is taking.

Here is the real shocker....and TJ didn't tell me about this until I arrived to pick him up from chemo. Dr. Nabong said he is considering 2 additional rounds of chemo!!! This news almost brought tears to my eyes. I so just want this to be done for him. Nabong said that the tumor in his lung has gone from 4 cm to 2 cm and he just wants to make sure we get rid of all of it. I don't know if he will do another scan before making the final decision on this or not, but I hope so. So, we thought that his final chemo was going to begin on August 3 (right before TJ's birthday on the 9th) and if they do 2 more rounds the last one will begin on September 14 (right before my birthday on the 17th). I am so tired of this, but I know that TJ is even more tired of it than I am. So, I guess we just suck it up and hope for remission and make plans for the day when this is all behind us and we can get on with our life together.
Ewwww, just realized this is my 13th post. TJ was diagnosed on Friday the 13 so not real thrilled about that number any longer. Will for sure post tomorrow just to move forward from that number just like TJ & I have had to do since his diagnosis.

Battle On TJ, Battle On

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